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Kodachadri:Kodachadri is a mountain peak of the Western Ghats. It is known for its picturesque landscapes and vast forest.Located at an altitude of 1343 meters above sea level, the hill descends steeply into deep forest. The biodiversity of Kodachadri, rather the Western Ghats, is very diverse. Western Ghats is identified to be one of the top 10 hottest biodiversity spots in the world. It has over 5000 species of flowering plants, 139 mammal species, 508 bird species and 179 amphibian species. At least 325 globally threatened species occur in the Western Ghats. Known for its picture perfect dawn and dusk.As it is a perfect room for Photographers to capture the vast backdrops of mist covered mountains. Home to sandalwood trees, King Cobras, Black capped kingfisher, it�s also a migration spot for birds like many private jeeps and guides are available from Kollur and Nittur, who will guide the tourist. Generally in evening trekking starts and night stay in tents atop of mountain. Morning tourist can see beautiful sunrise.Many Home stays are available at affordable prices. Many local travels have special package to show all the other nearby places.

Kollur Mookambika Temple:Devotees from all over India visit this temple. Kollur is believed to be one of the seven pilgrim centres created by Parashurama.

Best time to visit:
September to February


Hosanagara Located in Shimoga district of Karnataka on the banks of river Sharavathi. Has a history of over 1000 years. Famous for its scenic beauty, dense jungles, timber and heritage.

Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari:En route to Hosnagar from Shimoga, about 10 KM from Shimoga. Many rare wildlife, Lions Tiger, rare species of birds can be seen. Food availability is scarce as there are no hotels around. So take plenty of food and water.

Sri Ramachandrapura Mutt: Shree Matha has an illustrious history of more than 1300 Years and was established by Shree Adi Shankaracharya. It is the only Matha with an unbroken lineage (Avichchinna Parampara) of Peethadhishas. The Mutt has majority in recent years concentrated on Indian breed cattle preservation (Cows). 36 indigenous cattle breeds could be see at matt, which are preserved for future generation. It is the only institution in India with single largest collection of Indian Cow breed, and the present pontiff, have declared his future work to concentrate only around the protection of the Indian cow breed.


Devaraayandurga is a rocky hill station situated in the midst of picturesque scenery at an altitude of 3940 feet, about 16km east of Tumkur. It is 65 km from Bangalore, India, by road on Tumkur road. There are three elevations and seven gates leading to the top.The rocky hills are surrounded by forest and the hilltops are dotted with several temples including the Yoganarasimha and the Bhoganarasimha temples.

Famous for its Namada Chilume, situated at the base of the hill on the road leading to Tumkur, a natural spring considered sacred and is also considered the origin of the Jayamangali River. NAMADA CHILUME (nAmada chilume; chilume means spring) - It is believed that Sri Rama on his way to Lanka halted here. As he did not find water anywhere around to wet the "nAma" (a kind of paste Hindus apply on their forehead), he shot an arrow into the ground, and a spring sprang and thus the name (Rama)-nAmada chilume. The spring can be still seen, and there is a foot impression of Lord Sri Rama near that.


Ambutheertha is nature�s wonder in Theerthahalli taluk and is unique in every sense of the word. Theerthahalli, the greenland of Malnad in Shimoga district, is a place where every nature lover wishes to �live and love� forever! Enveloped by thick greenery and dotted with beautiful locales. Ambuthirtha is 16 km northwest of Thirthahalli town in Shimoga district.

Ambutheertha - Birthplace of river Sharavathy :
The river Sharavathi takes its birth here and is considered holy. Jog Falls, created by the same Sharavathi River falling from a height of 253 meters (829 ft) is the highest plunge waterfall in India and the 7th deepest in the world, where electricity for the entire State is generated. Ambutheertha Shivalinga temple: At Ambutheertha Shivalinga is installed and there is a temple built around that Shivalinga, beneath which Sharavathi originates to start her journey.

Ambutheertha is considered a sacred place, it was here that Lord Rama pierced the earth with his ambu (bow and arrow) and struck the ground for water to come out (Thirtha) to quench the thirst of his wife Sita, and hence the name Ambutheertha.